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HELLO! THIS IS TELEVISION! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Wolfe

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lurking on a webforum, people talking about webcomics [Aug. 8th, 2009|02:02 pm]
Nick Wolfe
This is not the important interesting post I have been planning to write for some time now.

But I lurkin' on the somethingawful forums and someone just said something REALLY GOOD about the critical response to things like webcomics, which are free and easy and nevertheless (or because) have dedicated fans with particular and high expectations.

Dmitri-9 posted:
Onstad is just going on a magical realism detour. Watching a luchador helicopter walk to Mexico or a "Magreaux dog" fall over wasn't very entertaining but somehow I avoided crying about it like a colicky baby.

Tree Goat posted:
this is actually a pretty good criticism, since i think i'm just a few stages shy of object permanence in my piaget-style webcomic development. every time in the past when there have been isolated strips that were not funny they have almost always developed into a complete arc that turned out to be pretty good, and yet every time there aren't good strips i am like a child playing peekaboo, assuming that mommy is in fact gone forever.

the post I quoted

[User Picture]From: kinokofry
2009-08-09 03:59 am (UTC)
It's heartening to see people recognise it in themselves.

I just roll my eyes when people get on their very high horse about Achewood or similar things "not being funny".

For one, maybe it's just not funny to you. And I think this is a very valid idea, because it may be that you don't quite get something that's being put out there, a reference or something (that's often been the case for me), or its something entertaining to others. What's wrong with that? One of the reasons thingd like Achewood are so great are because they aren't just one-trick ponies. Achewood explores all kinds of humour and story-telling.

Secondly, yes - aren't you yet used to the fact that things often go places? Have patience, dickhead. Not every strip has to make you R.O.T.F.L. Why can't you have confidence in your writer after praising him for his brilliance for years?

Thirdly, writers like Onstad do what they do to keep doing what they do. Rather than getting all entitled about the content like he must satisfy your every whim, accept that he is the one writing, he is the one taking the comic on whatever journey it needs to go on. It's one thing to say that it just doesn't interest you, but another to act like a spoilt child whose mother won't pick his fat arse up anymore.

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[User Picture]From: sanspoof
2009-08-09 08:27 pm (UTC)
Humor isn't necessarily even meaningful in ANY comics.
But, yeah, that sounds like a restatement of the whole "you're only as good as your latest thingy" viewpoint which is, you know, not the most mature viewpoint.

Also: I'm surprised that SA is getting cool again! Wow, I'm a little sad my account is dead dead deadski.
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[User Picture]From: diaryarena
2009-08-09 08:35 pm (UTC)
I suppose it's been a decadent, decayed culture* long enough that a new civilization is rising from its ashes.

* the gradual grinding into dust of all internet communities
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