Nick Wolfe (diaryarena) wrote,
Nick Wolfe

lurking on a webforum, people talking about webcomics

This is not the important interesting post I have been planning to write for some time now.

But I lurkin' on the somethingawful forums and someone just said something REALLY GOOD about the critical response to things like webcomics, which are free and easy and nevertheless (or because) have dedicated fans with particular and high expectations.

Dmitri-9 posted:
Onstad is just going on a magical realism detour. Watching a luchador helicopter walk to Mexico or a "Magreaux dog" fall over wasn't very entertaining but somehow I avoided crying about it like a colicky baby.

Tree Goat posted:
this is actually a pretty good criticism, since i think i'm just a few stages shy of object permanence in my piaget-style webcomic development. every time in the past when there have been isolated strips that were not funny they have almost always developed into a complete arc that turned out to be pretty good, and yet every time there aren't good strips i am like a child playing peekaboo, assuming that mommy is in fact gone forever.

the post I quoted

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