Nick Wolfe (diaryarena) wrote,
Nick Wolfe

convention report

I went to TCAF! Lisa and I waited in line to meet Paul Pope. He signed 100% for us, to both of us. We love Paul Pope.

He's one of those people who understands that there is bones + meat under the skin of a body and remembers to make things Grotesque Beautiful. I said "DO YOU REMEMBER ME?" ha ha

There was a signing like 10 years ago at the beguiling, him and Jay Stephens and I think Seth? And I shewed him a big page of CLASSIC TRANSMITTER that I had made with like a uniball pen. He said "You should learn to use a brush" and I said "My hands are not steady enough!" and he said:

"No one's hands are steady enough. Do it."

WELL I told him that and he was like "OH YEAHHHHHH" so I gave him one of my cards.


TCAF cards

I made 2x3.5 business cards! Printed them on the new printer! Lisa cut them for me because I'm Not Safe.

I gave one to Paul Pope, both to Jeffrey Rowland, both to Ryan North (who got a complete set of the cards I did for Free Comic Day 2007 but lost them in his bathroom, he CLAIMS), one to Richard Stevens (whose ear I talked off, but he's SO NICE), one to Meredith Gran who is almost certainly completely awesome, one to john campbell (who signed a minicomic for me IN THREE-D) and and Karl Kerschl to whom I fangirl squealed because I got to flip through the A.C.C. book he draws in.

And I met other people too! It was so fun.

I hope one of them links to me. Ha ha ha. Mr. Stevens said "What sort of promotion have you done for your comic?" and I said "Well I gave you the card already right? That's... there you go."

And I warned Mr. North that I would complain to him about the ohnorobot api.

IT WAS SO FUN. I just realized that other than Paul Pope I basically only talked to webcomic people. Well, they were smilier.

oh and Lisa saw Cory Doctorow and said "GIVE HIM A CARD" and I was like "no way that's not him" and I insisted for so long that by the time I realized it probably was (many hours later) I couldn't find him and I was a chump.

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